4. Become a Grand Tourist of the XXI Century

The exhibition

The centrepiece of this project is an exhibition at the historic Abbazia di San Gregorio which will open on 11 May, coinciding with the launch of the La Biennale di Venezia, and which will remain open by appointment until 24 November 2019. Presented in partnership with Chahan, the renowned interior designer, the exhibition will create the home of a 21st century traveller, incorporating master paintings with vintage and modern furniture and design.

Throughout this project, we want to show that a collection is not just a pool of assets: its real value lies in its connection with the life of a collector and is built from memories, experiences, friendships and discoveries. Building a collection is a voyage of discovery and, as with every voyage, the traveller needs guides if he or she is to arrive at the right destination.


Collection avaiable only by appointment

Where it is

Abbazia S. Gregorio
Calle de l'abbazia, 172/A
30123 Venezia -