2. Arab Syrian Republic – National Pavilion

The exhibition

Syria has played a decisive role in the foundation of Christian art as of this Islamic. The variety of artistic currents reflects the experiences of a very lively world: Syrian artists, prone to research, experimentation and innovation, are inspired by their own tradition and broad cultural background. In this edition, the Syrian Arab Republic will present artists from the mother country and foreign artists, including Xie Tian and Chen Huasha, who will present their emotional journey, dealing with the difficulties of adaptation experienced by foreigners in the countries that they host two exhibitions “Wall-Objective world” and “Presents for the Future”. The exhibition will take place at the Chiesetta della Misericordia, in the lively creative hub of the Misericordia district.

Where it is

Chiesetta della Misericordia
Campo de l'Abazia, 3550
30121 Venezia -