Art-Events organizes events of different types throughout Italy : cultural initiatives on the occasion of special events (Biennale of Art or Architecture, Design Week, Film Festival, …), private and corporate events, temporary art and design exhibitions, artistic performances, lectures, conferences…

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Dancing with Maria — Centro Culturale Hugo Pratt _ settembre 2014
01 September 2014

Dancing with Maria

Centro Culturale Hugo Pratt, (it) Venezia
# location management
# cultural event organization
Eminent architects
07 June - 28 September 2014

Eminent Architects

Palazzo Flangini, Venezia
# location management
# exhibition production
# cultural event organization
Padiglione della Gran Bretagna — Biennale Architettura 2014, Venezia
05 June 2014

Opening of the British Pavilion

Palazzo Pisani, Venice
# location management
# corporate event organization