Jan Kuck


10 July - 10 August 2016
Arsenale Docks, (it) Venezia

The exhibition “Arachne” by Jan Kuck is presented by Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin at Arsenale Docks on occasione of the 15.Architecture Biennale of Venice.

The project

Jan Kuck is presenting on occcasion of the 15. Architecture Biennale of Venice his new spectacular project ARACHNE, an illuminated carpet, made of woven optic-fiber cables. The carpet depicts new and fast technology. The pattern of symbols illustrates the correlation of traditional craftsmanship and modern to future-oriented technology.

ARACHNE is a socio-critical artwork, that shines a light on the humiliating working conditions of women involved, for centuries, in textile production. ARACHNE thus draws attention also to the situation in contemporary textile production and the related violation of human rights. By doing so, Kuck makes reference to various symbols. Amongst others the Via Claudia Augusta, the most important ancient Roman trade route that connected Southern Germany (Augsburg) to Northern Italy (Verona and Venice), the seamstress which is the symbol for anonymous sewers all around the world and the Rana Plaza, that became a symbol of the ruthless working conditions in many textile industries. These and other patterns come all together and merge into the unique art work of the illuminated woven carpet ARACHNE.

The Artist

Born in Hannover in 1978, Jan Kuck developed an interest in design and conceptual art after his graduation in history & philosophy. In his artworks, Kuck points out trenchantly the wit and tragedy of today‘s society. Kuck has been represented by Bernheimer Contemporary Berlin since 2014 and since then has had several group and solo exhibitions. After his current exhibition at the Architectural Biennale in Venice, ARACHNE will be exhibited at the TIM Museum Augsburg (Nov 8th 2016- Jan 28th 2017) and at the Allianz Kulturstiftung, Berlin in 2017.


Dates: July 10 - Aug 10, 2016
Opening Times: 12am - 6pm, closed on Monday

Presented by Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin
Curated da Elisabetta Bresciani
Thanks to ALLIANCE – Art Privat

More info at: bernheimercontemporary.de