About Volumes

Contemporary Art Jewelry exhibition

29 June - 27 August 2017
Oresi, Venice

About Volumes è una mostra di gioiello contemporaneo curata da A/dornment – Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry e organizzata in partnership con Valorizzazioni Culturali.

The Project

About Volumes is a contemporary art jewelry exhibition curated by A/dornment - Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry and organised in partnership with Valorizzazioni Culturali. The collaboration between the two realities was born with the aim of redeveloping an exhibition space at the foot fo Rialto's bridge, in the heart of Venice.

The venue is located in an area of Venice that is historically considered as as the one designated to jewelries and goldsmiths, the Sottoportico degli Oresi. The historical nature and identity of the place is the starting point of this will of bringing this old tradition back to life, reinterpreting it in a contemporary, innovative and experimental way. A/dornment continues, in the wake of the research and work done in Milan during the Design Week, to explore the the of jewel's volume, conceived as a creative exploration and a space challenge from shapes, and to develop it with different materials, creation techniques and styles, depending on the artist or designer working on it.

From the apparently ligneous heaviness of Fabrizio Bonvicini's works, to the metal and segmented geometric evolution of Martacarmela Sotelo's inventions, the exhibitions showcases a varied and multifaceted selection of pieces. A formal and perspective optical illusion distinguishes the volumes of the work of Anne-Sophie Vallée and Wing-han WONG, the former through the dinamicity of the shapes which change thanks to the use of magnets, the latter through the use of coloured strings. Rie Makino and Ria Lins give birth to different jewels, as the result of a clever and sophisticated use of cloths and metals, realized to adapt to body's movements. María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo aims for interactivity, with her merry and ironic version of coloured charms-kaleidoscopes. The essential, graphic and perfect marks of Zeta Tsermou alternate with the coloured and soft organic material of Iro Kaskani's creations, exploring the idea of space and symmetry through the combination of precious and poor materials. Letizia Maggio presents, together with the restyling of the series of rings Le 5 Nobili Verità made of light silver, a new collection of necklaces made of silver and porcelain of limoges realized with photographic printing. Myriam Bottazzi presents a collection of necklaces made of imperfect, indented, worn out and repeated circles and squares.

Art-Events' Support

Valorizzazioni Culturali has been supported by Art-Events in the whole process, in particular: the venue management, the event organization, the exhibition production and its communication.